Dear Flormy,

Josue and I cannot express how grateful we are for your talent, which won us our very first home. We are thankful for your patience, dedication and wisdom which have brought us to this happy place eager to start our life, in a special place to call home. 

We have experienced firsthand your strategic skills and market knowledge; which no doubt made all the difference in getting us the home we fell in love with. We admire your hard work and dedication to our needs and wish you continuous blessings, in the job you are so passionate about. 


Leena and Josue



We would like to express our gratitude to your real estate company for managing the process of buying our first home.

Special thanks to our agent Flormy Lopez, she helped guide us through the home buying process with her thorough descriptions and assessing our needs. We were surprised to find ourselves so quickly in the whole process as first-time home buyers. 

We would highly recommend Flormy to our friends and family. 

Thank you again, 


Jose and Claudia Concalves


To anyone looking for a house:

This letter is to tell you my experience working with Fiormy Lopez as my agent.

I met Flormy by chance, and I was really very lucky to find her. She helped me to find the best house according to my budget, location and the type of house I was looking for. She knows a lot about real estate, and as soon as I talked to her she understood what I was looking for,

She never in any way pressured me to buy or not buy, and what is more impressive is that she never intended to se!| me the houses that she was selling herself! She really demonstrated professionalism
and honesty and that is the most important thing I would look in an agent.

Fiormy was able to find the best alternatives for me. I was very picky I wanted the best house at the
best price in the locations I had chosen. She saw the houses before me so she was able to pick the
houses that were good and not only appeared good in the MLS.

After seeing 20 houses, and some second or third visits to some houses. I finally decided to put an
offer. That was when Flormy impressed me even more. She really battled on my behalf in order to
get the best conditions for me and she got it! I used to think agents wanted just to sell or buy but she
demonstrated me that she wanted to provide excellent service and that she cares about people and
not just getting a commission.

I am very satisfied with her service as my agent representative and I strongly recommend her for her
honesty, patience and professionalism.


Fanny Durand

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